Turn your phone into magic lens and it will take you to a whole lot of a different perspective of the world around you. It is an evolution which adopts new ways to add information discoveries to the reality in limitless possibilities from fun, games, sports and education to technology in engineering and medicine and more.



Download the free app from Google PlayStore for your android phone or google glass.


Scan products or content from magazines, business card & objects will get life in your device


View the interactive content appeared in your screen from objects of real world.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Augmented Reality?

You can use a mobile phone to scan a static image such as a magazine ad and be transported to a website or video to learn more about the product and buy it. For a more detailed understanding of augmented reality, please watch the Ted talk below:

What is different about CodeMyMobile’s approach to Augmented Reality?

We focus on creating custom augmented reality experiences so that your customers don’t have to leave your app and download another app to enjoy an engagement experience you have designed for them.

We are able to create augmented reality experiences cost-efficiently because we have developed a proprietary toolset and a lot of great in-house technologies that we can customize to achieve your business objective.

Can I test your Augmented Reality technology?

Sure. Please e-mail [email protected] for a demo. We will send you an Android APK with instructions on how to use it to scan images and be transported to videos and websites.

How much does it cost to create a custom Augmented Reality experience?

If you are trying to do a simple project like re-directing an image to a website or video and you don’t mind the fact that they user will have to download an app other than yours, then $1000 is a sufficient budget.

If you need a more complex and custom augmented reality experience, you need a minimum budget of $15,000 to deliver an augmented reality campaign you can be proud off.

For $35,000 you can integrate our augmented reality technology into your platform to deliver a highly controlled and measurable experience. Here is an example of a great custom AR experience:

What are some great ideas for Augmented Reality campaigns?

You can think of some great ideas with inspiration from what other have done. Here are some examples from Business Insider and here are others from the Webby Awards. Alternatively, you can tell us about your business objectives and the audience you are trying to reach and we will incubate three different ideas for you and charge you only a $1000 fee for idea-generation.

What are some best practices for planning Augmented Reality campaigns?

Marketing Profs have provided 6 great tips here.

Can Augmented Reality actually save lives?

Yes. You can read this article to learn about how augmented reality is being used to refine surgery.

Can Augmented Reality make us laugh?

Enjoy these two pranks.

Why is now the right time to launch an Augmented Reality campaign?

Pepsi is launching a massive Augmented Reality campaign for Super Bowl 2015. This will bring Augmented Reality into the mainstream. Now is the time to take action and ride the wave.

How can I get started?

Simply e-mail [email protected] and request a free consultation.

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