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Game Description
Swipe the arbitrary popping colorful balls towards the corner with matching color. Swipe the balls to the right corners and earn scores. You will encounter hurdles like bomb, avoid tapping on the bomb. The baalz will come at divergent speed and from different direction.
  • Available on Google Play
    BallzEye is currently available on Google Play Store. Thousands of users are downloading it everyday. Are you ready for the challenge?
  • Compete with Friends
    Play the game either in Rush Mode, or in Classic Mode. Beat the score of your friends on google plus.
  • sleep on inactivity
    If the user forgets to log out from the app, BallzEye will automatically go to the inactive mode and will save the battery life of your smartphone
  • simple yet difficult
    Ballz Eye is simple, its easy to play which makes it difficult. It requires your speed and concentration.
  • lightweight
    Ballz Eye is lightweight. It will not eat memory of your smartphone, thus it will not create any impact on the speed of your smartphone.
  • Coming Soon on IOS:
    BallzEye is coming soon to rock your I phone device.

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