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Delivering user-driven mobile apps for startup, enterprises and agencies spot on, everytime!

Discovery and Design

This guided phase is centered towards understanding requirements with unparelled technical and digital experiences to reduce risks and put project into perspective quickly

    We initiate with a Discovery meeting with the client
    We do a User Research to ensure great user experience
    Our UX experts create WireFrames for your product Idea
    Creative designers Design Showcase with Mock Screens
    Client gets a Product Spec Sheet + Business Proposal

Product Roadmap and Sprints planning

We put your entire project into a robust process where it can be clearly invisioned,tested, built to scale and perform

    We Kick off a Meeting with Scrum team and our clients
    Our Product Manager defines the product roadmap for your project
    The estimated Development cycles are converted into sprints of 1-2 weeks
    Clients get access to complete product plan and a timelime draft

Development and Iteration

Our Agile process drive faster improvements and ensure your next killer feature is only a sprint away

    We adhere to Daily Standup meetings
    We do a Sprint Wide Demonstration and identify blockages
    Sprint Retrospective and Toasts are done after each Sprint
    All our Clients get Sprint highlights document after each sprint
    Securely distribute the in-development version of the app to testers, clients, and other developers
    Use tools to notify users of new builds, provide crash reporting,and ensure only approved testers have access to your app
    We make sure everyone is up to speed on progress.

Testing & QA

Each feature goes through rigourous and ruthless testing, compliancechecks to deliver zero fault user experience

    Functional Testing, whereinto verify if the features are working exactly the way they are required to
    Fit and Finish Testing - . Designers review each feature and ensure that their vision was implemented as described in the design
    Regression Testing to repeatedly test all the features in every phase
    Device-Specific Testing, as the name suggests, involves trying out the app on various screen sizes and with as many different OS and device combinations as possible to ensure the versatility of the app
    User Acceptance Testing to get your app tested by the target users and obtain feedback from them about every feature

Launch and Deployment

Your product is all decked for a successful launch. We ensure seamless production and a Perfect delivery!

    We finalize build and conduct a thorough app store optimization
    We make sure your analytics setup is intact
    We create custom-made plans to suit your deployment and delivery requirements
    We ensure appstore approvals and go for a Kickass Deployment
    After you give a go ahead we deploy your app to App Store, Google Play or other public app stores

Support and Maintenance

Our job doesn't end here, we provide Post release support and maintenance

    Continuous monitoring is done to join any loose ends if any
    Still unsure of your product ? we are open for a Maintenance contract for you...

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