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Websites? Yes, they are fun until you access them on your mobile device and they turn out to be desktop compatible only - which means - now you have to scroll to each corner of the web page to the required information. Imagine it like this, how bogus it would be where you have to move up to the top right corner to go to the search bar and this swipe through the entire page just to find out that had a typo in your search and now you have to go back to the expedition to find that search bar again. Seems like a headache, isn't it? Believe us, it is.

But we've got a solution. Our unique algorithms to turn websites mobile compatible is well-liked by our clients. In our reverse-compatible technique, we develop websites/web apps for mobile devices which are by themselves compatible with desktop or laptop or any device with any resolution. By this way, we are actually developing it for the in-trend devices which in turn ends up working for a dying medium (cough, cough; desktop)

Let us tell you that mobile-first technology should not be confused with mobile responsiveness. Mobile responsive and mobile-first have some of the same ingredients, but their methods, approaches, and strategies are totally different.

Mobile responsive is a technical web design approach where CSS is used to adjust the website to the device it is viewed on. Whereas in mobile-first technology, instead of creating a desktop website and then forcing it to fit in a mobile box, you create a website that considers the majority of users (on mobile) first.

But again, please do not think of it as - it's going to be less efficient for PC users. That’s not the case. Mobile-first platforms work flawlessly on PCs as well, in fact, much better than the original PC website platforms.

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