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Tech Stack Migration Service

We know what a big and crucial decision it is to migrate your platform. We know it takes a heartful of determination to make a move like this. The thought is scary when you are afraid of things like what if the new tech will be hard to manage or what if there's downtime at the peak hours.

The courage, it takes to move on from something you've been relying upon since ages to something new and in-trend, though seems logical, is very tough for the heart to take. And we understand that feeling. With decades of experience in tech stack migration, we feel like we can play the role of a therapist who, with you, can direct your business in the right direction with all your required criteria about how you'd like to move forward and what all technology you'd like to move on to.

Our team of experts know critical times like this. With our unique algorithms, we move your tech without and hassle and without or with very minimal downtime.

While deciding this, we often forget what all positives are we going to achieve. For instance, moving your tech stack to the new one is going to lower the maintenance cost, the new system would be more efficient, performance would be increased, the application would be more scalable, you won't suffer data losses, won't suffer from technical limitations, etc. and these are just a few out of many advantages you get after getting your tech stack upgraded.

We will assist you at every step of this process, from choosing the technology that is closely aligned to your long-term business vision to maintaining it after its implementation. At CodeMyMobile, we are having a mighty exposure in this service sector over the decades, this becomes naturally easier for us to advise the tech-stack that are most fitting for your enterprise.

Pros of tech stack migration

Lower Maintenance Cost
More Efficient
Higher Performance
Easy Adoption to changes
Data Protection & Security

Our staple migration services

From backend to frontend, and beyond that, we migrate it all

Cloud Migration

It is the process of migrating data, apps or other business elements from an establishment's on-site computers to the cloud, or moving them from one cloud environment to another.with a wrist-friendly smartwatch app.

Digital Product or Software Migration

CodeMyMobile assures you to perform the full migration of your product to the technology and platform you want.

Enterprise Platform Migration

With our working experience with diverse CRMs, CMSs, ERP, and custom enterprise tools, we are fully competent to initiate a painless migration process for your data, business logic, and more.

Website and Web App Migration

Whether the need is as small as migration your website and web apps between servers/hosts or as big as changing the entire technology of your web platforms, we are your best bet. We take care of your bandwidth, performance, and functional needs alongside maintaining features and data of your web entity as is.

Database Migration

We convert the data into a common format that can be output from the old database and input into the new database, reorganise and redesign, etc. Database migration is prone to downtime but our team full of experience knows exactly how to keep it minimal and at the time where the minimum number of users are affected.

Data Migration

It is considered at the toughest sort of migration, and that's why it requires special care. We strategically plan and perform this essential task by taking multiple measures for the safety of your data.

Application Migration

With expertise in the usage of middleware products to bridge gaps, which is a special requirement in migrating the applications, our process to you would feel like seamless as butter.

Our working process

Analyzing the current state of your application
Creating a map of risks related to migration and preparing possible solutions
Planning and starting work related to migration
Progress control
Implementing and maintaining the new app

Our migration services

With our migration services, CodeMyMobile has successfully helped more than a hundred companies migrate smoothly.

Migration from one technology to another
Mobile-friendliness Enablement
Product Deployment and Setup
UI upgrading
Software Migration Services
Product Customization
Integration of third-party APIs
Infrastructure re-designing
Knowledge transfer and configuration
Security and Quality Assurance
Employee training for using the software, applications, and digital products
Software or API Integration

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