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Wearable Technology

Our wearable technology software captures the device's haptic and visual sensors, expedites bi-directional M2M data exchanges, summaries captured data and responds to inherent controls and environmental feedback. This mostly includes body-borne computers i.e. devices that can be worn on the face, wrist, ankles, clothes or even shoes! Long story short, we offer advanced wearable development services to fulfil various business, customer and enterprise purposes.

Right from strategy, design, development to deployment, CodeMyMobile is your trusted partner in the wearable app development process.

Solutions and Services

Wearable Technology Software Solutions
Wearables User Experience & Interface Design
Back-end Systems Development
API Development
Augmented Reality Apps and Games for Wearables
Wearables App Development Consultation

Our Proficiency

Smart Watch App Development

We help you add your apps on the smartwatch platform. We deliver smartwatch apps to add value to UX, improve accessibility and allow intercommunications. We can enhance your mobile app experience with a wrist-friendly smartwatch app.

Fitness Wearables

We develop fitness trackers to observe and regulate overall wellbeing and activity levels such as step counter, sleep hours, quality of sleep and more.

Healthcare and Medical Wearables

With technology like Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG), our wearables update patients' Electronic Health Records (EHR) in real-time. From the doctors' point of view, we develop applications for wearable surgical aids, like VR headsets.

Lifestyle Wearables

We create applications for devices such as HUDs, LED smart clothing, Bluetooth headsets, and smart glasses and watches which adds up especially to cater to e-learning, media, and social media platforms.

Security Wearables

Security technology embedded in wearables such as wristbands, jewellery and watch – allowing users to make secure payments just by waving or tapping the device on a point-of-sale (POS).

Safety Wearables

Our safety and security wearable software development solutions support security devices that facilitate biometric fingerprinting, facial and voice recognition, as well as applications for one-touch alert and emergency contact services.

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