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Let's take a throw scenario of a developer and a tester. Before you had the world of docker, a developer would actually build their code and then they'd send it to the tester but then the code wouldn't work on their system due to the differences in computer environments so what could be the solution to this? Well, you could go ahead and create a virtual machine to be the same as the solution in both areas. But Docker is an even better solution.
A big difference is that the guest OS has not been used in Docker and is inherently more lightweight but provides the same functionality as a virtual machine.
Let’s take a scenario of DevOps. Integration between developers and operators group. Developers are interested in planning, coding, building and testing and Operators want to be able to efficiently deploy, operate and monitor.
When you can have both groups interacting with each other on these seven keys and elements then you can have the efficiencies of an excellent DevOps team.
So let's step deeper into what docker is. So docker is a tool which is used to automate the deployment applications in a lightweight container so the application can work efficiently in different environments. Now it's important to note that the container is a software package that consists of all the dependencies required to run the application. So multiple containers can run on the same hardware, the containers are maintained in isolated environments, they're highly productive and they're quick and easy to configure.
So let's take an example of what Docker is by using a house that may be rented for someone using Airbnb so in the house. There are three rooms and only one cupboard and the problem we have is that none of the guests is ready to share the cupboard.
This is very similar to how we run software applications today. Each of the applications could end up using different frameworks. This is where docker will help you run the applications with a suitable framework. So let's go back to our Airbnb example, so we have three rooms and a cupboard. How to resolve this issue? Well, we can put a cupboard in each room. We can do the same thing for computers. Docker provides suitable frameworks for each different application and since every application has a framework with a suitable version.
Since every application has its framework and a suitable version of the area that we had previously stored for a framework can be used for something else now we can create a new application.
Here at CodeMyMobile, our experienced team provides all sorts of Docker solutions from implementation to its maintenance and anything that comes between this process, anything that you can think of.

Features of Docker



Docker provides developer-friendly, CLI-based workflow and makes it easy to build, share, and run containerized applications.



Docker is easy to configure and helps you speed up your workflows. Docker even accelerates the migration of applications from the data centre to the cloud.



Docker offers you the broadest choice. Build, share and run applications across any combination of clouds, operating systems, languages and frameworks.



Applications are safer in containers and Docker provides the strongest default isolation capabilities in the industry

Why Docker?

  • Doesn't need a guest OS for each container
  • Occupies less memory than VMs
  • Very fast boot up
  • Better performance
  • Effortless to set up
  • Easier to port docker across multiple platforms
  • Simple to scale thus highly efficient
  • No need to include the guest, thus eliminating a significant amount of space

Why us?


6+ years of experience


Docker Certified Engineers


  • We replace Large Monolithic Applications with Microservices
  • Cloud Platform Cost Optimisation
  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Setup Orchestration using Docker Swarm, K8s & AWS ECS


From basics to path-breaking technologies, we hack all of them with sheer precision and excellence. We work on varied platforms and disruptive technologies


Processes always remains our core, whether its helping entreprises iterate like startups or scaling startups like established brands

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