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Java is a 20+ years old language and still the second most used language. It is intended to let application developers ‘write once, run anywhere’ (WORA), meaning that compiled Java code can run on all platforms that support Java without the need for recompilation. When Android first came into existence, all of its apps were developed on Java. Like everything else, with time, things need to move forward, and that’s when Kotlin came into existence.
So step aside Java, Kotlin for Android is here. Kotlin is now first-class supported language on Android and is designed to build code that interoperates with Java. And the best part is, it is officially supported by Google. From decrement in bugs to improvement in the readability of code and lessening of the development time, Kotlin is undoubtedly a rising star for the Android mobile application development.
Kotlin development is fairly new and the skill comes at a cost, there aren't many top-notch developers out there who can provide you with a seamless Android app you've been dreaming of, but fret not! We are here.
Making the best usage of the Kotlin features, here at CodeMyMobile, our Kotlin developers improve the development speed while keeping the code to the minimum. We are equipped with Kotlin methodologies to offer the most sophisticated solution to our clients.
But wait, does Java still make sense in Android development? Yes, it does. Most of the Android apps are still running on Java. So naturally, the maintenance they require needs a vast knowledge of Java. Here at CodeMyMobile, our Java developers help you in developing and maintaining your legacy projects. Looking to move your project from Java to Kotlin? We got you. And if you have envisioned an app that doesn't have a very complicated UI, has a decent business logic and want an app for both Android and iOS platforms with similar UI, then you should definitely explore our React Native solutions.

Features of Java



When it comes to security, Java is always the first choice. With java secure features it enables us to develop virus free, tamper free system.


High Performance

Java is an interpreted language, which enhances it’s performance with the use of just-in-time compiler.



The main advantage of multi-threading is that it doesn't occupy memory for each thread. Threads are important for multimedia.



Java supports dynamic compilation and automatic memory management which means classes are loaded on demand without any hindrance.

Features of Kotlin


Rich Performance

Apps written in Kotlin run faster on Android 10 than its earlier version because of D8 – Dexer compiler. Dexer came into existence way after Java and hence is much effcient. This makes it more common than Java among developers.



Kotlin programing language allows migration of large Java codebases to Kotlin. Kotlin is 100% interoperable in Java. So, your existing Java code can be used with Kotlin, and you do not have to develop your existing Java app in Kotlin again.


Error-Free Multithreading

Kotlin enables developers to use pure functions and immutable objects, which eliminates continuous modification of similar data by multiple threads when there is no synchronization causing errors.


Official Language

It is the official language for Android application development by Google, so it would be a great choice to choose Kotlin for Android developers.

Why Java/Kotlin?

  • Supports various IDE
  • Modern and Expressive
  • Interoperability with Java
  • Highly Scalable
  • Easy Migration
  • Less Redundancy, Fewer Errors
  • Secure & Trustworthy
  • Interoperability with Java

Why us?


Highly skilled & experienced Kotlin developers


Dedicated Kotlin team


Flexibility to choose hourly or fixed-cost engagement


Seamless communication


Non-Disclosure Agreement


On-time delivery of the project


Technical support


  • Support and Maintenance
  • Migration to Kotlin
  • Testing Kotlin Apps
  • Android App Development with Kotlin
  • Application Optimization with Kotlin
  • Upgrading Kotlin Apps


From basics to path-breaking technologies, we hack all of them with sheer precision and excellence. We work on varied platforms and disruptive technologies


Processes always remains our core, whether its helping entreprises iterate like startups or scaling startups like established brands

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