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React Native

React Native is a cross-platform mobile app development framework that can ship native iOS and Android apps. One best (out of many) things about React Native is that along with its ability to develop applications for iOS, Android, Web and Windows Platform, it enables us, developers, to provide our clients with a complete seamless app as it gives us the advantage of enabling the use of React along with native platform capabilities. That's a win-win situation for both you and us. How? Imagine the use of ReactJS in development of a high-end user interface for your app which works flawlessly across all platforms. Why? Because it uses the device's native functionality without implying any add ons.
Believe us, React Native is the one- stop solution for building superfluid and powerful native mobile apps for iOS and Android.That’s the reason the best mobile apps in the world are made using React Native.
At CodeMyMobile, our skilled team of React Native developers holds in -depth knowledge to develop rational mobile apps best suited to drive your business, efficiently.

Features of React Native


Code Reusability Reduces Overall Development Time

Use of same code for building different platform apps, which makes it easier for us to manage the project, the project ends up being less buggy compared to other technology and lastly, you get your app much quicker.


Covers Two Major Ecosystems

Android and iOS. These two are entirely different ecosystems and the development of native applications for two different platforms is a tedious and painstaking task.


Incorporate the functionality of other native apps

React Native is compatible with third-party plugins. For example, if you want to integrate Google Maps in your app, it could be done easily and without any hassles.


Shorter Development Cycles

React Native allows developers to use a single codebase for multiple platforms, which can speed up development time



React Native apps support a profoundly responsive interface. React Native and the native environment of the device reduces load times and gives a smoother feel of your app


Live Updates and CodePush

Live updates allow developers to make changes to their app's JavaScript code without having to go through the App Store or Google Play review process

Why should you choose React Native?



Due to code reusability.


High Performing Apps

As it collaborates well with the native environment


Seamless Animations

Again, because code is converted to native views before it is rendered.


Trusted By Big Brands

Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, you say it.



Focus on UI and Access to Native API out of the box.



Transform any web project into a mobile decision easily.


Huge Support

React Native backed by Facebook's product infrastructure engineering team along with Github support.

How are we more specialized?

  • 5+ years of shipping React Native Apps
  • Business Expertise
  • Round the Clock Supports
  • Best-in-class Developers
  • Agile Methodology
  • Trending Technologies Used
  • Result-Oriented Solutions
  • Fluid UI
  • Seamless Integration

Services we provide

  • Cross platform app development with React Native
  • Delightful UI and UX development
  • Android app development with React Native
  • iOS app development with React Native
  • Cross platform React Native component development
  • API development for mobile apps
  • App support and maintenance
  • Quality Assurance


From basics to path-breaking technologies, we hack all of them with sheer precision and excellence. We work on varied platforms and disruptive technologies


Processes always remains our core, whether its helping entreprises iterate like startups or scaling startups like established brands

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